Monday, I set myself a creative challenge.

The challenge: Every day, illustrate an experience you’ve shared with a loved one.

Normally I take the time I need to complete a page in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. This week was a bit different in that aspect, resulting in somewhat faster drawings. I think you can see that from the results. Although in general I like most of my earlier drawings better, I do like the fact that the journal is somewhat updated again. I feel more motivated to draw more regular now that I’ve filled up the gap. It makes me happy to look back on these memories that somehow seem ‘captured forever’ now. Have you captured any adventures yet?

 photo illustration-journal-7-holi_zpsac263f19.jpg
Remember when we celebrated your belated Holi birthday?
 photo illustration-journal-8-unicorn-picnic_zpsf7e02d5a.jpg
Remember when we went for a tandem picnic on my birthday? Remember when we threw a party and you bashed the unicorn piñata?
 photo illustration-journal-9-suits-and-pizza_zpsb4da0440.jpg
Remember when we rented a bouncy castle for New Year’s? Remember when we had a Suits&pizza night and you had to throw up?
 photo illustration-journal-10-elections_zpsbb3398d1.jpg
Remember when we made your election-A4’s? Remember when Dominika said we were each others neck and head?


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    March 23, 2014 at 23:47

    Oh my goodness you two have such a cute relationship. ^-^ This was a lovely challenge idea!


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