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We all need sparkle in our lives. But what if you ran out of your happy spark of the day? Well, fear no longer because I have the answer to your misery. I will show you how to make peanut glitter bombs. The use of these peanut glitter bombs are endless. They are perfect for any case of emergency (like an urgent need for a self-hosted pity party), as a surprise lightweight mail present for a friend who needs some support and happiness or to give to strangers accompanied with a small note (like: “I hope this brings a spark to your day”). You can even give these peanuts as a birthday present. Simply hide the ‘real’ gift. Then fill a few peanuts with glitters, and other ones with clues to search for the birthday present. However you choose to use them, they are a sure way to light up faces with beaming smiles and sparkling eyes.

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Carefully crack open one side of the peanut with a pair of scissors. Then slowly open the peanut with your hands so it splits in half. Remove the nuts from the shell.
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Fill one side of the peanut up with glitter.
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 photo peanut-glitter-bomb-DIY-4_zpsf344325e.jpg
Apply glue to the edges, glue the peanuts back together again.

Congratulations, you are ready to bomb the world with glitter!

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 photo peanut-glitter-bomb-DIY-6_zps0b2d594d.jpg

Happy peanut bombing!



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