It’s time for a new creative challenge again. For this last week of creative kindness month, another exciting assignment.

The challenge: start your own radical self love bible

Many of you will be familiar with Gala Darling. She encourages young women to love themselves for who they are, which she labeled ‘radical self love’. For a long time I have been intrigued by something she calls a ‘radical self love bible’: a notebook dedicated to loving yourself. It’s like a love letter turned into an art journal. You can make collages, add quotes and paint or draw in it. You can write down compliments you receive, qualities you like about yourself and goals you achieved that you are proud of. It’s a book dedicated to learning to love yourself. Although I think there are titles that would better resonate with me (like: ‘becoming my own best friend book’, ‘the happy me notebook’ or ‘colour me happy journal’) I love the idea.

So far my creative kindness month has been mainly focused on making other people happy. I do believe that is the truest version of what kindness entails. However, I also recognize the importance of being kind to yourself and celebrating who you are. Unfortunately this doesn’t come natural to most of us. We often find it easier to give a compliment than to accept one. I have a lot of insecurities that I struggle with. These often become a source of self-doubt and cause me to be harder on myself than what is necessary or constructive. And although in part that is just life, I want to do my best to accept myself for who I am. I want to try to love myself. In the end I believe that when I love myself completely for who I am, I will also be able to love others more fully.

Below are some wonderful peeks into the radical self love bibles of wonderful ladies to get you inspired, in case you want to join me in my challenge. For those of you who would like some extra inspiration and instructions, Gala launched just launched a Radical Self Love Bible Course!

The following three images are from pages created by Alannah (via Gala).
 photo self-love-bible-1_zps97244431.jpg
 photo self-love-bible-2_zps9fb433dc.jpg
 photo self-love-bible-3_zpsd5869eb0.jpg
The two images below are from Gabriella (via Gala).
 photo self-love-bible-4_zps294264e5.jpg
 photo self-love-bible-5_zps08e24cfe.jpg

Sunday I will be back to show you the first pages from my very own radical self love bible!


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    March 24, 2014 at 23:09

    Wow oh wow, this is important. Those quotes are beautiful. I’m excited to see how your self love bible turns out!


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