Ready for a new challenge? Then you are most welcome to join my challenge for this week.

The challenge: Come up with 7 random acts of kindness every day and write them down.

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Coming up with new ideas is the beating heart of creativity. Ideas are born by linking old concepts to each other in a novel way. But you can’t expect to have great ideas all the time if you never train your brain to make such connections. So the challenge of this week is an exercise in brainstorming: coming up with a multitude of ideas. For the exercise itself the subject is arbitrary. However, as the theme of this month is kindness, why not come up with kindness ideas? After all, you can’t be kind if you don’t have any ideas of how to be kind in the first place. The fun part is that after finishing this challenge you will have a list of 50 (49 to be exact, but if you come up with one more it will be a nice number) ideas that you can put into practice.

Ask yourself: what are different ways in which I can be a person that spreads love and happiness? Your answer to this question may vary from simple ideas to elaborate projects that are way out of your comfort zone. They do not necessarily have to be realistic. You can take this challenge as broad or narrow as you wish. Subjects can range from creative kindness and street art installations to just saying ‘thank you’ more often to your family.

One of the challenging parts for me will be that the ideas have to be ‘new’ to me. I recently came up with 50 kindness ideas that I have included in my recently released kindness kit (which you can buy in my Etsy shop). However, for this challenge I have decided that I am not allowed to use the same ideas that I used in my kit. This makes it more difficult, but perhaps also more interesting.

Bonus points for if you actually carry out one idea that you come up with daily.

You can read ‘How to come up with creative ideas’ as a reference to some brainstorming principles to get you started.

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    March 11, 2014 at 10:13

    such a fun project! and also help us to be a better person


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