This week’s creative challenge: Come up with 7 random acts of kindness every day and write them down.

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search for a lost pet from a ‘lost pet poster’ ♥ put a surprise love note in your boyfriend’s pocket/bag ♥ give directions to someone who looks lost ♥ take someone in a wheelchair for a walk ♥ share a beautiful memory of someone with him/her ♥ take a friend on a surprise picnic ♥ back a Kickstarter project you believe in ♥ send fan-mail to an artist or musician you adore ♥ tell women they are beautiful ♥ send surprise snail mail ♥ every morning, come up with one kind thing you want to do that day ♥ say please and thank you ♥ tell your parents everything you admire about them ♥ donate blood ♥ bring cans of food to you local homeless shelter ♥ send an Amnesty International letter ♥ go on a carrot-mob ♥ propose to babysit for a night for new parents ♥ give someone a ride home ♥ give objects you don’t really use to someone who would ♥ don’t complain ♥ tell someone why you’re proud of him/her ♥ give a foot massage ♥ donate toys to an orphanage ♥ shovel snow for someone else ♥ give a large tip ♥ show up with comfort food and a cheesy chick flick at a friend who needs some distraction ♥ play hide and seek with children ♥ remember people’s names ♥ write an old teacher a letter to tell about the impact he/she made ♥ bring a ukulele serenade ♥ bake a cake for someone to celebrate something small ♥ sell something and donate the money ♥ when you meet people, treat them as if they were the best thing that happened to you ♥ paint stones with cheerful messages for strangers to find ♥ teach someone something you are good at ♥ leave encouraging comments on blogs ♥ bring thoughtful souvenirs ♥ brainstorm kindness ideas with a friend ♥ give people experiences, not products ♥ pay attention to see where you can help ♥ make a new neighbour feel at home ♥ fix something that is broken for someone ♥ cook a meal for a friend who is busy ♥ donate books to a library ♥ bring a wounded animal to the animal shelter ♥ cut out a heart shape and place it on a lamp so it will shine heart-shaped-light ♥ always buy lemonade from children at a lemonade stand ♥ seek to make the lives of others as awesome as possible

Why not do one of these (or make up your own) in the upcoming week and blog about it? Remember, you can share your creative kindness projects this whole month at the creative kindness month link-up.



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