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Materials: large feather, old ballpoint, scissors, super glue (or tape)

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First you need to find a feather. The bigger the better, because it will increase the chance that your ink tube will fit inside.
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Cut off the top of the feather. You will find it is hollow.

 photo Feather-Pen-2_zps7bb5a2c7.jpg

Then take out the ink tube from an old ballpoint (but still with ink inside) and cut off a big part of the length. Because the hollow part of the feather will get narrower at the end, you won’t be able to fit the entire ballpoint tube inside.
   photo Feather-Pen-4_zpsb1370154.jpg

Test if the tube fits in the feather. You might find that the feather is not big enough. You could open it up a little bit to make the ink tube fit.
   photo Feather-Pen-5_zps167ce6c7.jpg

Apply super glue inside the feather. Place the ink tube inside and let it dry. Instead of glue you could probably also just wrap some tape around the feather at the top. I prefer the glue method though, because it leaves less visible marks.
   photo Feather-Pen-6_zpsdfed0580.jpg

When properly dried, you can write with your feather as if it was a regular ballpoint.

 photo Feather-Pen-7_zpsf86b36e8.jpg



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