May 29, 2013

painted stain snail 0
painted stain snail 5
painted stain snail 2
painted stain snail 1
painted stain snail 3
painted stain snail 4
painted stain snail before after

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know that I love to turn ugly stains on the street into little pieces of art [rainbow creature, fire-spitting dragon, drooling roller-skater, exploding astronaut]. I mostly do this together with my friends from the Big Bug Collection. The fun is to use the contours of the stain as starting point for inspiration, and depending on what the stain looks like you create something from it.

The last stain I transformed was many months ago; probably the last warm day of the year. I have been itching to paint again, so when the sun finally showed its face after many days of rain I knew the perfect outdoor activity. Tomas joined me in the fun. We even managed to complete two stains that were very close to each other. Stay tuned, because I will share our second piece of art here soon!



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