Yesterday, I did a post on how to make a simple standing light bulb vase. Today I would like to show a variation on the idea: a hanging light bulb vase. If you want to make this project, make sure to check out the basic DIY for hollowing out a light bulb first. Materials needed: light bulb, iron wire, thread and wire shears.

Place the iron wire around the top metal part of the light bulb. Leave a space on one side of the bulb to form a loop.
Twist the loop.
Pull the two open sides of the wire until they wrap tightly around the light bulb. Then twist them to ‘lock’ them on their place and fasten the wire.
Wrap the shortest side of the wire a few times around the top of the light bulb. Twist it a couple of times together with the longer part of the wire. When the wire is tightly wrapped, cut off the remaining short part of the wire.
Repeat the same process with the remaining metal wire part that sticks out. Make a mirrored loop on the other side and twist it.
Wrap the remaining wire around the top of the light bulb and twist it a couple of time around the loops that stick out to secure it. In the end, twist it a couple of times around one of the loops and cut off the remaining wire.
Twist the loops until it has the shape of a tiny loop on a stick. Do the same on the other side.
Tie some thread to the metal wire loops. Use a colour, thickness and length that serves your purpose (depending on desired height, perhaps complementary colours in the room and strength of the thread). I can imagine you play with this; using different colours and lengths to make more than one, perhaps braiding different threads etc. Or, you don’t bother with all of that and just pick whatever thread you have lying around, like I did. And it is as simple as that. Any plans for hanging light bulb vases any time soon?



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