April 28, 2013

Yesterday I showed how to hollow out a light bulb. As I mentioned then, there are tons of fun projects you could do with this simple base. One is making a small vase. Here is a super simple way to do so.
All you need (apart from the light bulb) is a finished toilet roll, aluminum foil and glue.
Cut off a cardboard slice of the toilet roll.
Cut off a piece of aluminum foil almost three times as thick as your slice of cardboard and somewhat longer than the circumference. Then glue them together.
Once you covered the outside, fold one side of the aluminum foil to the inside. Then do the same with the other side. Smoothen the outside a bit more if necessary.
Place your light bulb in the ring you created. There is no need to glue them together. Fill the light bulb with water and put a flower in it, and you have a cute little flower vase!



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