I’m still processing all the pictures from Thailand. I had so many great experiences that I am sharing them in little steps. So here some more of my Thailand adventures. I saw elephants and fed them bananas. I never realized how funny trunks really are. Imagine being able to eat with your nose. Crazy world.
Thailand elephants
I saw the elephants take their morning bath.
Thailand elephant bath
Thailand elephant bath 2
Thailand elephant bath 3
Thailand elephant bath 4 
If you weren’t convinced that elephants are pretty awesome for being able to eat with their noses, watch this: I actually saw an elephant make a painting. For real… Woah!
Thailand elephant painting 1
Thailand elephant painting 
Then I went for an elephant ride through the jungle. There were maybe ten elephants or so walking in a line. We lost sight of the two in front of us after 5 minutes, because of course our elephant was the one keeping all the other elephants up by walking soooo slowly. Haha. He just kept eating from the side of the ‘road’, and then he would slowly start to chew and take another step, find new leaves, etc. It was all very typical.
Thailand elephant ride
Thailand elephant skin
Afterwards we went on a bamboo raft and floated the Mae Ping river. The last picture is of me and my little brother. He is 7 years younger, but you wouldn’t say so..
Thailand raft river
It was amazing.


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