July 27, 2011
A few weeks ago I was asked to paint t-shirts at an event together with Diede, Luuk and Tom, organized by ‘Kattekwaad’; a local DJ collaboration. The basic idea: people could give us a shirt, we made a painting on it while they partied on, then they could pick up their shirt again. At one point people were coming up to us asking to paint their shirt while they were still wearing it. It was so much fun. The most interesting part to me was the close collaboration: how every one of us has a completely different style but how somehow they came together in the t-shirt designs. It was just one big synergy of positive energy, creativity, music, finishing each others paintings, working on ideas together and having fun. I managed to scramble some pictures together (thanks to Diede, Luuk and Norma). Note that the paintings aren’t all made by me, some are, some aren’t, in some I took part.

(Woohoo I made my first gif)


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