May 1, 2011

Yesterday was Queensday. All the crazy Dutchies dress in orange, party, and sell their old stuff on flea markets during the day. Most of it is junk and clutter people can not get rid of (ironically the day often ends with people taking most of their junk back home). Anyway, I found a few nice pieces for only 4 euro. My treasure included:

A wooden cabinet. I have been looking for one of these, so I was very pleased when I found this one. I’m not sure yet what I want to display in it.

A suitcase. It is meant for storing vintage records, but I think I will use it to store drawings instead.

An embroided Dutch saying ‘van het concert des levens krijgt niemand een program’. It loosely translates as ‘nobody receives a program for the concert of life’. It is something my parents used to say when surprising events happened (good and bad) or when I wanted to know what was ahead of me. Since mother’s day is coming up, I figured it would make a nice present.


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