I thought I would do a little DIY project. It’s a flower made from a plastic cup and it is super easy! You can make one or a bunch, keep them in your home or give them away. And the good thing is that they do not die.

So. You will need a plastic cup and a straw. Any color will do but I chose to use a white cup and a green straw. Oh and you will need a pair of scissors later on in the process.

First you need to crack the border.

And tear down the cut. I didn’t do it all the way down but left about a cm at the bottom.

You repeat this process until the whole cup looks like this:

Then you start to fold them as depicted in the picture.

Every time you skip two cuts and then fix the border of the cup between two other parts.

You repeat this process. The last two can be a bit tricky, but you just continue in the same way.

You then have your flower.

Make a hole in the cup. (I made the hole after making the flower but doing it before folding could be easier)

Make the hole a bit bigger so the straw can fit through.

Tada! A flower.

You can leave it at this, or, as I did, make a small adjustment by cutting the straw as if it is part of the flower.

And there is your flower!

You can vary, add leafs, use different colors etc. I didn’t use any tape to attach the flower to the stem, but you could if you wish to. Have fun making your own flowers!


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    May 31, 2011 at 02:28

    what a great idea! a lot of times when i drink from a plastic cup i tear the edges but never thought about making it into flowers, next time i’ll definitely remember.

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    September 6, 2011 at 07:30

    Great idea! I’ve never seen anything like it! Thanks for sharing! I’d love to try it out. :-)


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