February 8, 2011

There is a woman outside of the supermarket every day standing in the cold, begging. I never gave her any money but always smile at her and say hello. The other day I bought two muffins because they were on sale and I got the idea to give one to her. As I went outside I handed her one of the muffins. We started talking and tried to understand each other as her Dutch was not that good. She told about her husband who died in a car crash and how she needed money for her three children in Moldavia and asked me for help and follow her to a store nearby. I was a bit sceptical, since I did not know her at all and I wanted to believe and trust her but you never know.. But then I decided to just go with it and ended up buying a thermo can, warm socks and leggings for her and her children, a towel and shampoo. As she was carefully picking different sizes of socks for boys and girls I really do believe her story was true. She also needed money for a bus ticket back to Moldavia, but that I didn’t provide for as I am a student living on a budget myself as well. Sometimes it is hard to set a boundary in knowing what to do or give and where to draw the line, but in the end I guess it is about your heart attitude and trying to do the best within your possibilities. I saw her last Friday and she happily showed me the bus ticket, of which she told me another woman had provided her with. She probably will be in Moldavia by now. Perhaps if we all help a little it all together can make a big difference. I am not sure what made me happier: making the woman happy or knowing that there was somebody else out there caring as well.


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