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Instant inspiration

Simply browse through the endless ideas to instantly feel creative again.

Always a present

A last-minute present is a matter of printing a poster and framing it. Easy peasy.

Creative home

Fill your walls with inspiration or your life with magical ideas and creative energy.

Endless possibilities

Hanging posters is just one of the limitless possibilities. Print posters again and again.

Instant Inspiration at all times


After a long day and a simple plate of pasta you finally crash on your couch, exhausted. You have no intention of going out tonight. What will you do though? Watch re-runs of New Girl on Netflix? Nah. Make something? Do something fun? Your last real creative adventure seems ages ago.

You start flipping through the pages of your Instant Inspiration Kit. Hm. Rewrite your bucket list? Draw your dream house? Write a letter to your future self? Learn to make your favourite cocktail? Your body eases up and the tension slowly fades from your shoulders. Your mind starts to wander.

You blow the dust from the shoebox that contains your old paints. In no time you turn your desk into a water-coloured war-zone: you splash splotches of royal blue paint and black ink on the thick pages of your art journal. You’re working so intently, that you almost dip your paintbrush in your hot chocolate instead of your water.

There are countless tiny steps you can take every single day to transform your life into a more magical one. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get you started. The Instant Inspiration Kit gives you the ideas to bring more creativity and fun into your everyday life.

Here’s what you will get

You will receive 1001 Ideas in 28 inspirational categories. Each poster shows a different idea category, which is photographed and designed into a playful print. You will receive all high quality image files (TIFF format) so you can print them endlessly on A4 paper. The download pack also includes a PDF file that combines all posters, for easy and quick scrolling on your device.

40 Romantic, happy and creative ways to surprise your partner
35 Drawing prompts
40 Home improvements
50 Picture prompts
30 Ways to create everyday magic
30 Last minute gift ideas
25 Ways to reconnect with your playful side
40 Things to do when you’re stuck in a traffic jam
25 Potential habits to adopt
36 Questions to ask when you’re stuck in a boring conversation
50 Bucket list ideas
35 Garden improvements
30 Lists to make
40 Ways to feel like a woman
42 Ways to be a man
33 Ideas to make waking up the best part of your day
25 Things to do to make you feel better when you’re down
30 Summer date ideas
40 Themes for (secret) clubs
40 Skills and crafts to learn
50 Things to do when you’re bored
50 Party theme ideas
30 Last minute costume ideas
30 Date ideas for when the weather sucks
50 Ways to be kind
24 Ways to appreciate the little things
31 Guerrilla art ideas
30 Recipes to make at least once in your life

The arrival of the posters made me instantly happy and gave a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Thank you for this! Even just the front page made me feel happy, it felt I was looking at an Alice in Wonderland scene. All posters have their own incredible way of design and I love the colors and the way every poster is made unique and is related to the subject of the ideas. I felt directly that I wanted to share some of the ideas with other people I know and act out some of them myself or together with others. For example, it made me light my candles on just a normal evening (40 home improvements) which made a regular evening feel more special. It made me wave at people in other cars (40 things to do when you stuck in a traffic jam). I did this with some friends and we had the greatest fun ever, some people look so silly and other so pleased if you start waving at them… And I have already made a club to chase dreams!!! Our secret meeting is in two weeks, ssst don’t tell anyone 😉 (40 themes for secret clubs).


1001 Ideas’ instantly gave me new ideas and it brought back a lot of my previous ideas about all my plans and ambitions. Also, I was feeling a little blue before I started reading through the poster collection. But then I saw “25 things to make you feel better when you are down”. Now I am listening to Chance the rapper while smiling (the smile has turned into a real one by now). Thank you 🙂


Endless possibilities

Hanging a poster on your wall is only the most obvious thing to do.
Below are a few other examples of how you could use your Instant Inspiration Kit.
Be creative and have fun! Use the Instant inspiration Kit in any way you like.

Matchbox Camera

Turn your ’50 picture prompts’-poster into a cute gift. Cut out the prompts. Put them inside a self-made matchbox camera.


Bundle your poster collection into a fun booklet.

Wineglass Questions

Write your ’36 Questions to ask when you’re stuck in a boring conversation’ on wine glasses at your next dinner party. Use an erasable marker.

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Thank you so much for making this kit. I have used some of the ideas to inspire gifts I have made for friends and family. Especially as I am trying to focus on more handmade gifts rather than buying stuff this year. The photos and designs are lovely and I have really enjoyed using it to provide inspiration in my daily life. Thanks again as you’ve definitely made a difference in my life!!!!


I love the idea of making a day or moment special. The colors are bright and the posters feel like art work. The kids will be off for the summer soon and I want to make sure we make our own lists of fun so that we have special experiences together. The Inspiration Kit will lead the way. I plan to buy huge poster boards to write our adventure plans. My current favorite poster is “30 last-minute gifts”, but I am sure the favorite will change with the day.


About Mariëlle

I’m Mariëlle Coppes. My mission is to live passionately and courageously and create playful and pretty things that unite people and inspire them to live life to the full. As a designer and Master of Science I’m fascinated by how to effectively create products that elicit playful behaviour, break the everyday routine and inspire people to live a happier life. I designed, programmed and built a magic fountain that invites playful behaviour, which was exhibited at TEDxBrainport.

I’m on a constant quest to create tiny sparks of happiness in this world. One way in which I did that is by folding 1000 origami paper cranes and giving them away to 1000 random strangers. Other way: fly to Denmark to teach a class of 50 students a course on kindness, dreams, play and creativity.

I’ve lived all over the world. I believe that you are never too old to play and that you can never have enough rainbows, glitters or polka dots. Also, I like coffee, a lot.

Mariëlle is AMAZING! She boosted the creativity of my Bachelors level classes, and introduced them into a wide range of fun and unusual, super-creative projects. I can highly recommend Mariëlle to fit into any setting where creativity, imagination, design and interaction are important. My students loved working with her.

Adam Montandon

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a gazillion ideas. How will this help me?

Creativity sparks creativity. The ideas you have are often a melting pot of all the experiences you had and the things you have been exposed to. I believe that especially when you’re a creative person, you need to actively expose yourself to inspiring art, ideas and people. Even if you are able to come up with hundreds of ideas of your own, this collection will surely bring you ideas that you never thought about before. It’s a way to feed your playfulness and invest in your creative growth.

I’m an epic procrastinator. How do I make time for 1001 ideas?

Don’t see this as a monstrous to-do list. Instead, see it as a tool to get you into a creative mood. It can be hard to feel creative when everyday life is hectic. Just looking through the ideas will give you plenty of options, as well as remind you of all the creative things you still want to do. Actions often start with intrinsic motivation. 1001 Ideas is a way to reconnect with your motivation to do fun things and live a creative life.

I don’t have a printer at home/cartridges are expensive! What do I do?

I would recommend getting the posters printed at a local print shop on high quality A4-paper. Other options: print at your school/university/work or ask a friend with access to a printer for a favour.

I don’t have the space to hang the posters. What should I do with them?

Eat them. Juuuust kidding. Seriously, don’t do that though. Hanging the poster is just one of the thousand options. You can make them into a book, frame your favourite poster only, scroll through the ideas on your laptop, cut them up into pieces, hang a poster on your fridge, give a poster as a gift to a friend, and do a million other things with them.

I’m a guy and I hate glitters and unicorns. Is this also for me?

Yes. Here’s how: It works as the ultimate back-up gift for when you almost forgot about that birthday/anniversary/graduation/wedding. Print a poster, frame it, and you have a personal and original present. It also includes super useful ideas to impress that girl you like (with awesome date ideas for blue skies and rainy days) and questions to ask when you’re stuck in a boring conversation. Plus, it contains a great list of super manly things to do (which my super manly boyfriend proof-read and approved and he has stubbles so that counts for something). So yes, it is also useful if you’re not particularly into glitters and unicorns 🙂

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© 2015 Mariëlle Coppes. Buying the “1001 ideas collection” grants you one license for personal use only. Using any document or graphic from this collection for commercial purposes and/or electronically reproducing the collection in whole or in part is expressly prohibited. (Images on this page by Bram Berkien and Mariëlle Coppes)