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Ladybugs make me happy, so why not combine ‘paint your love’ with my love for these little creatures? It was time to say goodbye to my (…) Read More

Wake-up list

I am not really a morning person (understatement of the year). I have the hardest time getting out of my bed. And if (…) Read More

Spread money like love

To kids small things can appear quite significant, meaningful and exciting. Perhaps finding a coin does not make your heart beat one bit faster (…) Read More

Dirty dancing

Today while I was having lunch, suddenly ‘Time of my life’ from the movie Dirty Dancing started to play. Then out of nowhere (…) Read More

Rainbow nails

I have been wanting to paint my nails in the colors of the rainbow for a while now, but didn’t do it yet (…) Read More

Paper cranes

I love the idea of the crane project and this movie: Have you ever experienced you wanted to help someone, thank someone, say something, (…) Read More


I have a banner therefore I am. I’m new into the blogging world and haven’t put much effort into my blog design yet. (…) Read More


Looking through the window gives an impression of what the weather is like outside.. It can be sunny or cloudy, good or bad, (…) Read More

Bird Painting

Lately I have been painting more again. I do not always make time for it, but I love to do it. My latest (…) Read More


Yesterday was Queensday. All the crazy Dutchies dress in orange, party, and sell their old stuff on flea markets during the day. Most (…) Read More

Birthday balloons

Your birthday is the day to feel special and have people around you who love you and celebrate with you that you are (…) Read More

Soap crayons

There is something awefully fantastic about writing on the wall. Even more fun when you can do it over and over without the (…) Read More